SPEEDA Launches FLASH Opinion Expert Service in English


SPEEDA Launches FLASH Opinion Expert Service in English

Business intelligence platform SPEEDA has launched the English version of its expert service FLASH Opinion, allowing users to receive comments from experts within 24 hours (a few hours for quicker cases).

FLASH Opinion is a service that allows users to receive business insights from experts. It was originally launched in Japanese—first in Japan in September 2020, later in Southeast Asia in July 2021—as a new feature for the platform alongside existing company and industry data, news, and trend information.

Its network of registered experts has expanded significantly since launch, with the total number approaching 28,000 in Japan and 120,000 outside of Japan (as of April 2023).

The English version of FLASH Opinion provides a broader range of SPEEDA customers with access to expert knowledge. Customers with such needs include local companies in Southeast Asia and foreign ones in Japan.

Overview of FLASH Opinion Service

  • Submit questions to experts through SPEEDA and collect answers from more than five experts within 24 hours (a few hours for quicker cases).
  • Request interviews with the experts whose responses users want to explore in depth.
  • View questions publicly posted by SPEEDA analysts with answers from experts for users to understand current trends and recent industry updates.

Comment from Yasunori Naito, CEO of SPEEDA Southeast Asia
I am delighted that we can finally offer the long-awaited localized version of FLASH Opinion to our customers, among them consulting firms in Singapore and Thailand, who were our first users in the ASEAN region. Providing the service in English will help our local clients to access expert knowledge more easily. The expert network for Southeast Asia will cover not only the ASEAN-6 countries but also Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. We will strive to further improve our services to support our customers in the local markets more than ever before.

Comment from Teppei Anzo, SPEEDA/MIMIR Product Management Team
FLASH Opinion was first launched for Japanese users in September 2020. Since then, it has been a trusted companion for many of our customers in gaining new business insights. By launching the service in English, we expect to accelerate our clients’ decision-making as they gain access to expert insights in addition to structured information about companies, industries, and news stored in SPEEDA’s database. We hope that the new service is useful both to our local customers outside of Japan and foreign staff of Japanese companies.

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