Uzabase Releases DEIB Report 2023


Uzabase Releases DEIB Report 2023

Tokyo—June 22, 2021—Uzabase, Inc. is proud to present its DEIB Report 2023, released on its corporate website today.

On June 22, 2021, Uzabase, Inc. (hereinafter “Uzabase”) announced its Commitment to Further Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion, followed by the setup of an internal D&I Committee, which played a crucial role not only in implementing, monitoring, and evaluating various internal D&I initiatives but also in continuous external disclosure of D&I-related metrics and measures.

As part of the Commitment, we took actions to “Reduce the gender disparity among regular employees and leaders.” Over the last two years, these actions resulted in a steady growth of the ratio of women in leadership roles as well as the ratio of parental leave taken by male employees and its length. However, the gender ratio disparity among all employees and leaders is still tangible.

In this year’s report, on top of reviewing our progress on each of the initiatives outlined in the Commitment, we give an even more comprehensive and detailed visualization of where the Uzabase Group stands in terms of diversity.

▼Key metrics disclosed in the Report 

  • Gender Ratio: All Members
  • Gender Ratio: New Joiners
  • Ratio of Women in Leadership Roles
  • Progress in Hiring of Diversability Members (Members with Disabilities)
  • Parental Leave Ratio, Average Days of Parental Leave Taken, and Return to Work After Parental Leave
  • Average Overtime
  • Flex Time & Remote Work Implementation Ratio
  • Ratio of Paid Leave Taken
  • Gender Pay Gap (Estimated Annual Income)

We also expanded our focus from Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) across the entire organization. We believe that a corporate culture of belonging—a feeling of having a place in an organization—is crucial for each and every Uzabase member to perform at their best. Going forward, we will focus on Belonging as an important topic and develop a new Commitment rooted in this concept.

DEIB, the Uzabase Way (Uzabase DEIB Report 2023, P. 16)

Comment from Shinobu Matsui, Chief HR Officer, Head of DEIB Promotion

I strongly believe that while every person is unique, our performance can be enhanced by our environment and the systems we operate in. Oftentimes, having a sense of security that translates into a feeling of having a place in an organization, coupled with an appropriate environment and systems, allows us to perform at our best. And vice versa, being able to perform at our best enhances the feeling of having a place in an organization—a sense of belonging, thus creating a positive cycle. 

It is with this belief that we established the D&I Committee two years ago (the DEIB Committee from 2023). We announced our D&I Commitment as a company, but the majority of DEIB initiatives in these two years were voluntarily promoted by the numerous Uzabase members who dedicated themselves to DEIB. While we still have a ways to go, we will set up new goals for the future with Belonging in mind.

At Uzabase, we formulate our Purpose as such: “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights”. To make this a reality, Uzabase needs a team of truly diverse individuals who would bring everything that they have to the table. We believe that only a combination of such diverse talents can create services that resolve the actual issues faced by our users and propel their creativity—thus bringing us even closer to fulfilling our Purpose. This belief is reflected in one of our 7 Values: “We need what you bring”. 

We need what you bring

We celebrate a diversity of values, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, diversability, backgrounds, and more. These differences make us stronger. Our strengths and weaknesses complement each other.

We communicate openly yet with empathyーspeak your mind directly and respectfully, share your thoughts and ideas. We will get there, one conversation at a time.

Diverse but united in our purpose, we build a new world together.

Uzabase, Inc. (Corporate PR)

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