Our purpose is ambitious. And we know that there’s only one way we’ll be able to make it happen: by hiring the most talented people in the world and working with them in an environment where their talent can flourish.

Ours is a culture where every single employee can contribute their best work. That means giving people the power to express their unique point of view and passionately pursue their goals without the roadblocks of hierarchical thinking. Because everyone is empowered to add their individual abilities to the effort, we can accomplish more and solve bigger problems than any one person could achieve on their own.

That’s the kind of company we are, and it’s how we’ll continue to bring world-changing products and services to the world.

It’s important to all of us at Uzabase that we continue to be a company where everyone—stakeholders, employees, customers, partners, our families, and our investors—feels proud to be associated with us. We’re going to achieve our purpose. So we need to meet all sorts of talented people, unique personalities, and anyone with something special to add.
We want to meet you.

  • Values > Purpose > Skills, in that order

    We value candidates who can relate to/agree with our Purpose and values. Therefore, we do not hire people who do not match Uzabase’s values and who do not find our Purpose relatable, no matter how advanced their skills are. Hiring an individual whose values do not match the company’s values and forcing them to pursue the Purpose will only result in an unhappy situation both for the company and the individual in question. We must always keep in mind the fact that a value match is the most important element to a candidate’s assessment.

  • Hire people who could outperform you

    The addition of that person will create a change in Uzabase. Change will be born. In our recruiting activities, we place importance on hiring people who are full of such potential.

  • Take full responsibility for your own decisions

    We do not leave the decision of whether or not to hire to other members of the team, but take full responsibility for the decision. Furthermore, we have a clear commitment to nurture the growth and development of our employees after they join our company, and we do not leave this to others.

Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment
Uzabase recruitment

Uzabase aims to create a company where each member can realize their Happiness. Maximum performance in an environment where you can work freely. Please propose systems that you think are necessary. To work freely, you decide how to work. We value each individual's autonomy.

Super Flex System

There is no obligation to come to the office, nor are there core working hours. In order to enhance productivity and maximize output, you can design your working style that suits you the most. By choosing your own working style, you have the ability to work with maximum freedom.

45 Hours of Prepaid Overtime

Each member is free to decide whether or not to use the deemed overtime hours. We believe that thinking for ourselves about how to use the time available to us will lead us to expand our growth options.

Work freedom allowance (10,000 yen per month)

In response to changes in the way we work from now on, we will provide a monthly "freedom to work allowance" of 10,000 yen, funded by the commuting and transportation expenses previously paid (the freedom to work allowance includes a deemed overtime allowance). Please use the allowance to create a comfortable working environment for yourself.

Long Vacation

A “long vacation” is a period of seven consecutive days off that is separate from regular annual leave. You can take two long vacations per year. Work hard, rest hard. Rest refreshes the mind and heightens perceptive abilities, which results in enhanced synergy within the workplace.

Reduced Hours

Even those who are not raising children or caring for family members can choose to work a variety of work styles, including shorter hours, provided that they are able to fulfill their promised commitment and job responsibilities.

Onboarding for after maternity/paternity leave

In addition to maternity leave of 8 weeks before childbirth, you can take childcare leave after childbirth until your child turns 2 years old at the most. In addition, your supervisor and PX team will support your return to work after maternity or childcare leave.

Bringing children to the office is OK

All members can bring their children to the office, so no more desperate searches for babysitters upon a sudden change of work schedule.

Special time off and congratulatory money for weddings

We provide our employees with a special period of time off as well as a congratulatory financial contribution on the occasion of an employee’s wedding (including verified same-sex weddings depending on the verification of the same same-sex partnership).

Fertility Counselling

You can consult with us on LINE and Zoom about how to proceed with fertility and infertility treatment, how to balance your career, how to choose a fertility clinic, and more.

Child Caregiving Benefit

As a company, we want to create an environment in which employees of child-rearing age can concentrate on their work, so we subsidize half of the amount incurred for sick child care fees.

Family Caregiving Benefit

As a company, we want to create an environment where employees in nursing care households can focus on their work with peace of mind, so we provide a nursing care support subsidy of up to 15,000 yen per month.

Aid for Babysitting Services

Eligible children x 2 tickets (max. 4,400 yen)/per visit, up to 24 babysitting discount coupons per family per month, up to 280 coupons per year.


Outside counseling and interviews with industrial physicians are available when you want to sort out your lifestyle, balance your personal and professional life, or when you feel physically or mentally unwell.

New Leader Guidance

New Leader Guidance is provided to members taking on new leadership positions. We make sure to adjust the content for each individual so that it provides optimal value at the optimal time.

Leadership Development Guide

Uzabase Directors (Inagaki, Sakuma, and Matsui) share leadership growth guides and case studies defined through a common interpretation of The 7 Values.

Leader Mentoring System

This is a mentoring system primarily aimed at leaders and leaders-in-training who are looking for that little extra push. It enables people to set 1on1 meetings with leaders in slightly higher positions than them within Uzabase.

Career Challenge

We decided to create the Career Challenge system in order to clarify to members that opportunities to change position, transfer to another business within the company, and even to start your own business exist in Uzabase. These opportunities are aimed at ensuring that our members are free to take on challenges in the areas or positions that truly appeal to them.

Group-Wide Side-Job System

This is a system whereby individuals and companies enter into outsourcing contracts between the Uzabase Group and individuals can earn rewards. The goal is to circulate diverse talent within the group and generate talent relationships and collaborations.

think beyond

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of AlphaDrive, which is now part of the Uzabase family, we are once again committed to taking on the challenge of driving in-house business creation. The 2020 programme led to the creation of two businesses.

Allowance for Engineering skills

An allowance is paid in addition to the salary based on the engineering skills possessed (to be applied in July 2022).

Engineering training

Training for non-engineering members to learn engineering.

No-Code & RPA Productivity Contest

A contest will be held to share and discuss knowledge on how to use tools to improve operations and focus on more creative work.

It summarizes what we value about user-based purpose and value, organizational structure and recruitment.

The UB note introduces members of various divisions and occupations.

UB noteUB note

About the selection process

Please tell me more about the selection process.
As a general rule, the selection process consists of document screening → 1st interview → 2nd interview → final interview → informal offer, although this may differ by candidate or the business applied to. For some positions, there may also be an assignment given during the process.
Are there face-to-face interviews?
As a general rule, interviews are conducted online, but in some cases we may discuss the possibility of also arranging a face-to-face interview.
How long does an interview take?
Between 30 minutes to an hour (may be subject to change depending on the situation)
Do you recruit new graduates?
Yes. Applications can be made via the following link.
I was selected by Uzabase previously in the interview process. Can I apply again?
Yes. You will have to repeat the process again from the document screening phase.
I am unsure of which business or position to apply for. Is it possible to apply for more than one position?
Multiple applications are possible. In the event you are chosen for multiple positions, you will only be offered one position, and our HR department will confirm which position you wish to prioritise.

Our working style and business

Is it possible to work fully remotely both in Japan and overseas?
Yes. You are free to choose where and how you work provided that you fulfill your responsibilities. However, depending on the position and the situation in that department, there may be cases in which working fully remotely is not possible (i.e. there may be days in which you are required to come to the office). Please note that this may be discussed with you during the selection process. Also note that it may not be possible to work remotely overseas due to work visas, laws, and other overseas regulations.
Is it possible to have other side jobs?
Yes. (prior application is required. There are also some rules in place, such as not working for rival companies in the same field)
Please tell me more about remote work and working hours.
We have introduced permanent remote work and full flextime systems, and as a general rule you are free to work from any location you wish and at any time. Depending on the position, there may be days in which you are required to come to the office.
I would like to know more about Uzabase’s Diversity & Inclusion.
Please refer to the link below.
I would like to know more about Uzabase’s current business situation
Please refer to our IR page.
How do you communicate internally?
All business members of the UB Group use Slack, with almost all channels remaining open to all members. Other tools may include Google Workspace, Google Meet, Zoom, Gather, and Discord.
Uzabase has offices across the world. How much communication is made with members outside of Japan?
Members involved in businesses such as SPEEDA and NewsPicks communicate with each other on a daily basis. Meetings attended by English speakers are sometimes accompanied by simultaneous interpretation.
What is the average age and gender ratio of your employees?
The average age of our employees is 33 years old. Across the Uzabase Group as a whole, 56.6% of members are male, and 43.4% are female.