In accordance with its purpose to provide “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights”, Uzabase group aims to continuously develop new products and services that increase the productivity of businesspeople and unleash their creativity.

In order to meet the expectations and trust of customers and society in general, as well as to ensure the safety of crucial information while preserving the convenience and ease of use going forward, We have established a fundamental policy on information security. We intend the fundamental policy as a guideline for our information security initiatives. We will continually improve information security initiatives and prevent recurrence of incidents.

01Continuous development and revision of rules

In addition to complying with various laws and regulations, we will continue to analyze related risks, and create and revise the necessary rules to handle those risks.

02Operation by personnel possessing information-related expertise

We will make continuous efforts to notify employees of any related laws and information security rules, foster information security literacy, and ensure that all executives and regular employees understand the meaning of these laws and regulations and carry out their duties accordingly.

03Utilisation of technology

We will make continuous improvements using various technologies by analyzing the latest technology trends related to information security in order to provide services with enhanced safety while also maintaining their convenience and ease of use.

04Honest attitude and response

In the event of an incident related to information security, we pledge to promptly and accurately disclose any information regarding the incident. We will also investigate the cause of the incident and take steps to prevent recurrence of similar incidents.

1 January 2022

Uzabase, Inc.

Uzabase, Inc.(*) has acquired ISO/IEC 27001 certification (information security management system [ISMS]).

(*) The companies within Uzabase group that apply ISO/IEC 27001 are Uzabase, Inc. headquarters, NewsPicks, Inc., UB Ventures, Inc., Alphadrive Co., Ltd. and Mimir, Inc..