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Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights.


Our purpose

Awakening a world of play in business and life means…
a harmony between a sustainable society and fulfilling individual and business purposes

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    Harmony of Sustainable Society and Business Purpose
    We believe that the pursuit of economic rationality and a sustainable society are not mutually exclusive. If the move towards sustainability gains significant traction among consumers, the market will actually start favoring companies that aim to create a sustainable society. Without a clear sustainability paradigm for social good, companies will not be able to attract talent. As a result, it will become more and more economically rational for companies to aim towards creating a sustainable society.
  2. 02
    Harmony of Business Purpose and Individual Purpose
    Finding enjoyment in work is often said to be an important part of finding enjoyment in life. There is a whole world of play that can be found in business, and awakening it can only bring more joy into your life. If you like the overall direction (=purpose) of the company you work at, if you find it relatable to your own purpose in life, work may just become one of your many purposes in life, rather than a means to an end.
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    Harmony of Individual Purpose and Sustainable Society
    Enjoying business and enjoying life is only possible when we have hope for the future—our own and our children’s. Contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society can bring such hope. Rather than working at the expense of our personal lives, we can create unique working styles to fit our unique lives, working styles that are sustainable and offer room for play. These can then be shared with the rest of the world!
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    Be free & own it
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    Unleash ingenuity
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    Thrill the user
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    How fast? Wow fast.
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    Don’t know? Choose brave.
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    In it together.
    No matter what.
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    We need what you bring



Working at Uzabase

Our mission is ambitious. And we know that there’s only one way we’ll be able to make it happen: by hiring the most talented people in the world and working with them in an environment where their talent can flourish.

Ours is a culture where every single employee can contribute their best work. That means giving people the power to express their unique point of view and passionately pursue their goals without the roadblocks of hierarchical thinking. Because everyone is empowered to add their individual abilities to the effort, we can accomplish more and solve bigger problems than any one person could achieve on their own.

That’s the kind of company we are, and it’s how we’ll continue to bring world-changing products and services to the world.

It’s important to all of us at Uzabase that we continue to be a company where everyone—stakeholders, employees, customers, partners, our families, and our investors—feels proud to be associated with us. We’re going to achieve our mission. So we need to meet all sorts of talented people, unique personalities, and anyone with something special to add. We want to meet you.