Uzabase Releases DEIB Report 2024


Uzabase Releases DEIB Report 2024

Uzabase, Inc. (hereafter, “Uzabase” ) is excited to announce the release of its DEIB Report 2024, now available on its corporate website.

The full DEIB Report 2024 can be viewed here.

This annual publication exemplifies our commitment to one of our core corporate values—“We need what you bring”. We recognize this value as a material issue that is essential to address through our corporate activities, aiming to make Uzabase a place where every individual can fully express and utilize their talents. Our DEIB initiatives, spearheaded by our dedicated internal DEIB Committee, are integral to addressing this material issue effectively.

Highlights of Initiatives in 2023

Bridging the Gender Gap Across All Levels
Over the past four years, the percentage of women in leadership positions at Uzabase has consistently increased, reaching 29.7% at the end of 2023—notably higher than the Japanese national average of 12.7%*.


Despite this progress, there remains a disparity in leadership when compared to the overall percentage of women in our workforce, which stood at 41.8% in 2023. Our continued commitment to further narrowing this gap includes leadership training and mentoring, along with onboarding sessions for members returning from maternity leave, all aimed at ensuring that gender does not become a barrier to career development. 

Promoting Employment of Members with Disabilities
Throughout 2023, the Uzabase Group prioritized Diversability hiring (hiring of members with disabilities), leading to Uzabase, Inc. reaching 2.8% in Diversability employment and surpassing the legally required target.

Discussing Menopause Openly in the Workplace
In 2023, our DEIB Committee conducted an internal survey on attitudes towards menopause, which highlighted a strong interest in the topic among members and led to the formation of a new community addressing changes associated with aging. Recognizing that menopausal symptoms—both physical and mental—can impact anyone, we position this community as a space for middle-aged employees to openly discuss strategies for sustainable work life. 

Key Metrics Disclosed in the Report

・Employee Distribution by Gender
・Women in Leadership
・Gender Pay Gap
・New Hires: Fresh Graduates vs Mid-Career Hires
・Gender Distribution in New Hires
・Employee Age Distribution
・Employee and Gender Distribution by Profession
・Progress in Diversability Hiring (Hiring of Members with Disabilities)
・Usage of Parental Leave and Duration of Parental Leave Taken
・Usage of Annual Paid Leave
・Average Overtime Hours
・Implementation of Flextime and Remote Work
・Employee Nationalities
・Gender Gap in Employee Engagement Survey Results

Comment from Shinobu Matsui, Chief HR Officer and DEIB Leader at Uzabase

The DEIB initiatives at Uzabase started as an internal D&I project back in 2020, later evolving into the DEIB Committee. I am very proud of the growth and development we have achieved over these three and a half years. Through the dedicated efforts of approximately 40 members, we have undertaken a variety of initiatives through both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

The past year was marked by several milestones. We launched two new communities: one for supporting LGBTQ+ allies and another focused on menopause and well-aging. Additionally, we also released the English version of our 34 Promises.

One of the most profound impacts of our DEIB activities has been the internal cultural shift, a metric that does not easily translate to numbers: our first internal survey since the launch of the D&I Project three and a half years back showed a significant improvement in the perception of equal opportunities within the company.

As the Chief HR Officer and DEIB leader at Uzabase, my vision for the company is to create a place where everyone feels valued and included. I believe there is no better way to achieve this than to embrace our true selves, which is essential to unleashing our full potential at work. “We need what you bring”, and we will continue to bring this vision to life through our DEIB activities.

Uzabase’s Purpose is to “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights”. Achieving this requires a team of truly diverse individuals, each bringing their unique talents to the table. We believe that only a combination of such diverse talents can create services that address the challenges faced by our users and propel their creativity—thus bringing us closer to fulfilling our Purpose. This belief is reflected in one of our 7 Values: “We need what you bring”. 

We need what you bring
We celebrate a diversity of values, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, diversability, backgrounds, and more. These differences make us stronger. Our strengths and weaknesses complement each other.
We communicate openly yet with empathyーspeak your mind directly and respectfully, share your thoughts and ideas. We will get there, one conversation at a time.
Diverse but united in our purpose, we build a new world together.

Uzabase, Inc. (PR Team)

Company Overview
Company Name: Uzabase, Inc. 
Date of establishment: April 1, 2008 
Representatives: Co-CEOs Yusuke Inagaki / Taira Sakuma 
Location: Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan

About Uzabase
The Purpose of Uzabase is “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights.” The Uzabase Group operates nine businesses, including the business intelligence platform SPEEDA, social business media NewsPicks, startup data platform INITIAL, B2B customer strategy platform FORCAS, and organizational strategy platform AlphaDrive/NewsPicks.
Company Overview
Company Name: Uzabase,Inc. Date of establishment: April 1, 2008 Representatives: Co-CEOs Yusuke Inagaki / Taira Sakuma Address: Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan