Uzabase Issues Sustainability Report 2024


Uzabase Issues Sustainability Report 2024

Uzabase, Inc. (hereafter Uzabase) is pleased to announce the release of its Sustainability Report 2024, outlining progress on the company’s ongoing sustainability efforts aimed at realizing its purpose: “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights.”

Uzabase’s Approach to Sustainability

Uzabase believes that a truly sustainable world redefines the essence of business, transforming it from a commercial pursuit into a source of profound joy and fulfillment for everyone involved. Leveraging the robust business data infrastructure developed since its founding in 2008, the company continues to advance this vision through two core offerings: the business intelligence platform Speeda, which enhances users’ “business agility,” and NewsPicks, one of Japan’s largest social business media outlets.

Following its delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2023, facilitated by a tender offer from The Carlyle Group, Uzabase has continued to prioritize transparency and sustainability. The release of the Sustainability Report 2024 reaffirms the company’s dedication to non-financial information disclosure and sustainability initiatives, building on the groundwork established in the inaugural 2023 report.

Concepts Behind the Report

This year’s report is structured around the concepts of trust, progress, and synergy. It highlights several transformative developments at Uzabase—the launch of the three-year management plan “PLAY 2025,” the transition to a customer-centric organizational structure, and the recent consolidation of all SaaS products for the Japanese market under the brand name スピーダ (“Speeda”), effective July 2024.

Highlights of Sustainability Report 2024

・Co-CEO Interview
An in-depth exploration with Co-CEOs Yusuke Inagaki and Taira Sakuma, covering major management decisions. The discussion includes a reflection on the strategic objectives behind the company’s delisting, a review of the transition to a user value-oriented organizational structure, and an explanation of the rationale and process involved in aligning all SaaS product names under the unified brand スピーダ.

・Business and Service Portfolio 
A detailed overview of Uzabase’s restructured business and service portfolio, guided by a new equity story and a roadmap to relisting. It clarifies the roles and synergies amongst different products and businesses.

・Progress on 7 Material Issues
Updates from executive officers on initiatives targeting Uzabase’s seven material issues, highlighting progress and ongoing commitments.

・External Director and COO Discussion
A dialogue between External Director Yasutaka Fukuda and Speeda Business COO Tomoyuki Ota, focusing on the company’s transformation into a customer-centric organization, a strategic shift initiated in January 2024.

・Spotlight: On the Ground Overseas
A unique travel-guide-style introduction to Uzabase’s four overseas branches, highlighting their distinctive roles, delving into local cultures, and unpacking insights into work styles and other aspects of sustainability initiatives.

Uzabase Public Relations

About Uzabase
The Purpose of Uzabase is “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights.” Since its establishment in 2008, Uzabase has leveraged its business data infrastructure to plan, develop, operate, and deliver multiple services. These include Speeda, a business intelligence platform focused on accelerating business agility, and NewsPicks, one of the largest social business media outlets in Japan.
Company Overview
Company Name: Uzabase,Inc. Date of establishment: April 1, 2008 Representatives: Co-CEOs Yusuke Inagaki / Taira Sakuma Address: Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan