Uzabase, Inc. Forms Capital/Business Alliance with Arches Pte. Ltd., Operator of Expert Network with 50,000 Experts in Five Cities Worldwide


Uzabase, Inc. Forms Capital/Business Alliance with Arches Pte. Ltd., Operator of Expert Network with 50,000 Experts in Five Cities Worldwide

Uzabase, Inc. (hereinafter “Uzabase”) has signed a capital/business alliance agreement with Arches Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter “Arches”). Based on this agreement, Uzabase will obtain equity of Arches by way of third-party allotment and start a business alliance with Arches through SPEEDA EXPERT RESEARCH, a service provided by the Uzabase Group company Mimir, Inc. (hereinafter “Mimir”).

Aspiring to facilitate the circulation of human knowledge in the world, the Uzabase Group has been increasing the number of experts in its network. As of the end of November 2021, the number of experts had reached 17,000 in Japan and 33,000 in other countries*.

* Including experts covered by partners with which Uzabase has capital ties

Through the business alliance, Arches’ pool of approximately 50,000 experts based in five cities, mainly in Southeast Asia, will be added to SPEEDA EXPERT RESEARCH. This will result in a total of approximately 100,000 experts in Uzabase Group’s network. Users of this service will be able to contact experts working at the forefront of various industries and fields, including consumer goods/retail, manufacturing, technology/IT/telecommunications, and finance, and quickly obtain highly credible primary information from local markets in Southeast Asia.

Going forward, the Uzabase Group will continue to expand its pool of experts outside of Japan to provide users with global expert insights.


Comment from Taira Sakuma, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Uzabase, Inc.

The core assets of Uzabase are data, contents, and human knowledge. Especially in recent years, we are strengthening our capacities in the field of curated expertise. This is based on the belief that in today’s highly volatile and unpredictable environment, high levels of expertise and insights of people with unique experiences are the most valuable forms of business intelligence in foreseeing the uncertain future. Through the capital/business alliance with Arches, which has significant strength in this field in Asia, we will further our efforts towards realizing a world where human knowledge circulates and continuously provides solutions to social issues.


Comment from Soshi Kawaguchi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Mimir, Inc.

We have maintained a very strong collaborative relationship with Arches from before, and our mutual trust has only been growing. Through the capital/business alliance, I look forward to taking our ongoing initiatives to the next level.

The expert network industry has been rapidly gaining attention as a growing market. In recent years, in addition to experts registered in a network, a major trend is to strengthen custom recruiting, which enables clients to access the optimal experts on a case-by-case basis depending on particular needs. By partnering with Arches, an owner of unique know-how focused on this area, as well as extensive knowledge on the local expert markets in Asia, we aim to meet the rapidly increasing demand for experts in the Asian region and deliver diverse and high-quality insights, not only through interviews but also via our Flash Opinion service.


Comment from Hiroki Kato, CEO of Arches Pte. Ltd.

I believe that Mimir, which draws on the NewsPicks platform to build a database of top-class experts in various industries in Japan, and Arches, which builds a custom “expert hunting” system both in Japan and overseas for niche categories, can establish a very effective collaborative partnership in delivering insights that meet our clients’ needs.

Moreover, by exploring further collaboration, such as Arches providing Uzabase’s SPEEDA with latest insights on Asian regions and industries collected from experts, we aspire to democratize knowledge and empower people to access expert insights in a quick, affordable, and remote manner, and assist Japanese companies venturing into new domains.



The service offers access to first-class experts in various industries and fields, to provide information and knowledge that cannot be obtained through open sources, in a selection of formats including interviews, reports, and advisory.

*SPEEDA EXPERT RESEARCH is also available to companies without a SPEEDA service contract.

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Company Name: Arches Pte. Ltd.
Date of establishment: May, 2019
Representative: Hiroki Kato
Address: Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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Company Name: Mimir, Inc.
Date of establishment: January 5, 2017
Representative: Representative Director and President Soshi Kawaguchi
Address: Level 6, NTT Hibiya Building, 1-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0011
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