Uzabase Launches Dedicated Large Enterprise Domain, Appoints New Executive Officer; Shifting to a new organization that creates and delivers value across its B2B SaaS products


Uzabase Launches Dedicated Large Enterprise Domain, Appoints New Executive Officer; Shifting to a new organization that creates and delivers value across its B2B SaaS products

Uzabase, Inc. is shifting from providing individual services for each of its SaaS products for corporate users (SPEEDA, INITIAL, and FORCAS) to an organization that creates and provides value across all products in response to customer needs. In line with this change and in order to enhance the new executive structure, a dedicated team is launched to provide support to large enterprises, with Ryosuke Mitsuoka as the executive officer in charge, effective January 1, 2024. 

Uzabase offers a lineup of SaaS products, including business intelligence platform SPEEDA, startup information platform INITIAL, and sales DX solution FORCAS.

We have built a customer-oriented structure for each of our products, working to solve corporate issues through the power of business intelligence. At the same time, we see an increasing number of cases, mainly in large enterprise customers, where simultaneous usage of our products could contribute to cross-departmental initiatives, such as the formulation and implementation of competitive, customer, and talent strategies.

▼Case study of simultaneous usage of SPEEDA and FORCAS
Fujitsu: Digital Transformation to Maximize Customer Value” (Japanese only)

Aiming to provide full support to our corporate customers who rely on our SaaS products and expertise to increase their speed of management, adapt to changes in a highly competitive environment, and achieve sustainable growth, we will shift to a new organization that creates and delivers value across all our products, and change our executive structure accordingly.

We are also launching a new team dedicated to providing support to large enterprises. An expert in business intelligence, this new team aims to be a trusted partner in our customers’ management decision making. It will provide comprehensive assistance for the introduction and leveraging of our BtoB SaaS products that support competitive and customer strategies, as well as those tailored for talent strategies (NewsPicks for corporate solutions). The team will be led by Ryosuke Mitsuoka, a newly appointed executive officer with established expertise in problem solving for large enterprise customers since his joining Uzabase in 2018.

Ryosuke Mitsuoka; Executive Officer, Head of Account Management, Large Enterprise Domain Uzabase, Inc.

Ryosuke joined Uzabase in 2018 after working in corporate sales and partner sales in the insurance industry. In 2020, he was appointed manager of the customer success department for the entire SPEEDA business, and in 2021, he set up a team dedicated to supporting major SPEEDA customers. From July 2023, he was in charge of a team providing support to large companies, including users of SPEEDA EXPERT RESEARCH. He assumed his current position in January 2024.

Comment by Ryosuke Mitsuoka
Since joining Uzabase in 2018, I have closely worked with sales, business development, and corporate planning departments of large companies on a variety of projects. I am keenly aware of the need to gather and utilize business intelligence in a new way amidst unprecedented changes in the external environment, and I am committed to building a comprehensive support system that spans all our products and leverages all internal and external assets.

Going forward, Uzabase will continue to address customer needs with the wide range of its products and contribute to the business growth and success of its users through its own business development.

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