Expert Network “Mimir” Becomes Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Uzabase, Boosting Value Provided by SPEEDA


Tokyo – April 20, 2020 – Uzabase, Inc. is delighted to announce that, following a meeting of its Board of Directors held today, the decision has been made to convert its equity-method affiliate Mimir, Inc. into a wholly owned subsidiary.
Our plan going forward is to ensure the smooth fusion of both companies, including the integration of Mimir's expert research services into our SPEEDA platform.

Under its mission to boost value through human expertise, Mimir utilises its nationwide network of nearly 6,000 experts from a wide range of fields to provide companies with expert research services that support high-level decision making.

SPEEDA is a business intelligence platform that provides companies with the insights they need to analyse and formulate corporate strategies, including information on more than 8 million companies in over 200 countries worldwide.

The combination of the company and industry information provided by SPEEDA with the human knowledge of industry experts provided by Mimir, made possible through this integration, is a major step along the path to achieving SPEEDA's mission of driving the acceleration of corporate evolution.

Comment from Taira Sakuma, CEO of Uzabase's B2B SaaS Business

The desire for "human knowledge" is one that has long been voiced here at Uzabase. As the level of uncertainty in the world today continues to grow, it is our firm belief that platforms must provide access to both data and human expertise. This human expertise is exactly what Mimir delivers. By integrating it into the SPEEDA platform, which already offers highly reliable data and content, we can now provide a support framework for even more comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research on companies, industries, trends, and markets. This a major step in the right direction for SPEEDA as we continue to enhance our platform and pursue our mission of helping users accelerate their corporate evolution.


Comment from Soshi Kawaguchi, CEO and Co-Founder of Mimir, Inc.

As part of our goal to build up a top-quality network of experts, Mimir has always sought to provide high-calibre content, including interviews with industry and opinion leaders. Uzabase has invested in us right from the beginning, which has allowed us to generate a continuous synergy, the fruit of which is exemplified by the inclusion of expert opinions provided by Mimir in SPEEDA Trends reports (currently Japanese only) from January this year.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Uzabase, our goal is to contribute to the creation of an innovative business intelligence platform, one which combines and integrates the qualities of SPEEDA with our comprehensive network of experts. We are incredibly excited as we set out on this journey to construct a new channel for human knowledge and expertise to support the decision-making processes of companies through the interlacing of information from SPEEDA and Mimir.



SPEEDA is a cutting-edge business intelligence platform that provides business professionals with solutions to the issues they face in relation to information gathering and analysis. It offers users a full range of business-related information from around the world including company data, industry reports, market data, news, statistics, and M&A information. SPEEDA is used by over 1,400 companies, including corporations, financial institutions, and consulting firms, in a wide range of business scenarios, including the process of formulating mid-term management plans, M&A strategy, or international business strategy, as well as new business development, competitor research, sales strategy drafting, and various marketing activities.


About Mimir

Mimir is an expert network that provides access to the experience and knowledge of professionals from various fields. Mainly working with customers engaged in corporate and new business development, it offers two main services: Expert Research (direct interviews with specialists) and Expert Opinions (aggregated views of experts in cutting-edge fields).


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Company Name: Mimir, Inc.
Established: 5 January 2017
Representative: CEO Soshi Kawaguchi
Headquarters: Level 6, NTT Hibiya Bldg., 1-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
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