Correction to Errors in Job Description for Position in Our Shanghai Office


Uzabase would like to apologise for errors that appeared in a job description for a position in our Shanghai office that was posted on an external recruitment website with whom we partner. The below corrections were made.


Corrected Information

1) (Shanghai-based) Senior Analyst (Greater China market/SPEEDA Content)
2) Estimated annual salary: CNY 416,000–700,400 (JPY 7–12 Million), paid overtime
Monthly salary: CNY 26,000–41,200 (JPY 400,000–700,000)
* Salary to be paid in CNY so equivalent JPY value may fluctuate slightly due to exchange rates.

Erroneous Information

1) (Shanghai-based) Analyst (Greater China market/SPEEDA Content)
2) Estimated annual salary: JPY 168,000–290,000 (paid overtime)
Monthly salary: JPY 120,000–200,000
Basic salary: JPY 120,000–200,000
The incorrect figure given for estimated annual income, as well as the job title, were corrected.

This position has been filled, and the posted content will be changed in the coming days. Going forward, Uzabase will be more precise in its sharing of information, working in closer cooperation with our partners to ensure the accurate communication of information.

If you have any questions or opinions regarding this matter, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the following link.


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