Uzabase to Establish technology lab UB Research


Uzabase to Establish technology lab UB Research

Uzabase, Inc. (hereinafter “Uzabase”) announces its plan to establish its technology lab UB Research in 2023. Through the establishment of UB Research, Uzabase will strengthen its commitment to the entire value chain of economic information, including aggregation, processing, and extraction of various types of data, in pursuit of its purpose “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights.”

The mission of UB Research is “Bringing all data to life as business intelligence.” It will be established as the corporate technology lab of Uzabase for technological development dedicated to economic information. UB Research will harness cutting-edge technological insights to accelerate the evolution of Uzabase’s products in various aspects and drive the creation of even more exciting businesses.

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A vast array of data is currently available in the economy, including market indicators, economic trends, corporate data, and statistics, from which businesses need to identify and select relevant information.

Since its founding, Uzabase has been assisting a wide range of decisions made by business people and companies through nine businesses specializing in economic information. The establishment of UB Research is the second initiative in the Play Engineering project launched in April 2022. This phase of the project aims to harness natural language processing and machine learning technologies for use in Uzabase’s  businesses.

The mission of UB Research is to bring all data to life as business intelligence through research in computer science. Through technological research, it will drive Uzabase’s effort to establish itself as a technology company, which is identified as one of the company’s materiality issues.

Furthermore, through the activities of UB Datatech established in October 2021, Uzabase is committing to the entire value chain of economic information, from generation and analysis of data to delivering value to users, in pursuit of  its purpose “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights.” 

Atsushi Takayama, Director of UB Research

UB Research will be led by Atsushi Takayama, who has been leading technological initiatives as Fellow at NewsPicks.

Takayama studied physics in the UK and Canada before joining pixiv Inc. in 2012, where he initiated the establishment of its Fukuoka office and later served as CTO. In February 2020, he joined the Uzabase Group company NewsPicks, Inc. as CTO to lead initiatives on development productivity, security, and machine learning. Since 2022, he has been in charge of data and algorithms as Fellow at NewsPicks. Takayama is currently studying for a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Illinois.

While leading the development team at NewsPicks as an engineer in charge of data infrastructure and algorithm development, I became increasingly motivated to engage in research and development that can contribute to the creation of a powerful product for the business. This will has finally led to the establishment of a research institute.

UB Research is a corporate technology lab that we are going to build up from scratch. Therefore, we don’t have any spectacular research results yet. But we already have a wealth of data that the Uzabase Group has accumulated for more than a decade, a diverse range of products supported by our  customers, and a great organizational culture.

At Uzabase, based on the values of "Be free and own it" and "We need what you bring," members in different positions work together with mutual respect towards the shared goal of thrilling the users. I believe that this culture of the Uzabase group is what enables us to maximize both customer value and the outcomes of excellent research to create new possibilities.

We welcome those who are eager to join us in building the technology lab of our dreams.

Future Activities
Ahead of the establishment of UB Research, the Uzabase Group company FORCAS published research findings in 2022.

UB Research will engage in technological research and publish papers on themes that arise from Uzabase’s existing businesses and lead to further business development, including natural language processing, data extraction, classification, statistics, and machine learning in economic information.


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The Purpose of Uzabase is “Awaken a world of play in business, with our insights.” The Uzabase Group operates nine businesses, including the business intelligence platform SPEEDA, social business media NewsPicks, startup data platform INITIAL, B2B customer strategy platform FORCAS, and organizational strategy platform AlphaDrive/NewsPicks.
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