SPEEDA Edge releases the EDGE100 report, featuring a hundred promising startups


SPEEDA Edge releases the EDGE100 report, featuring a hundred promising startups

SPEEDA Edge, an innovation intelligence platform operated by Uzabase, Inc. (hereinafter “Uzabase”), announces its release of the EDGE100— a report on rising startups reshaping the future.

SPEEDA Edge provides emerging industry-driven insights for corporate innovation teams and studies emerging industry activity closely. The space is highly dynamic; a newcomer with a strong product or technology might challenge a frontrunner and rise to the top. Using SPEEDA Edge’s bird’s eye view of industry activity, it has compiled 100 early-stage startups, ones that may not have fully proven themselves yet but are teeming with potential.  

SPEEDA Edge created its own proprietary methodological framework and evaluation process factoring in parameters such as the total revenue opportunity—estimated as the total addressable market (TAM), current industry size, future growth rates, and penetration with company-specific factors, both qualitative and quantitative. Aware that statistics alone don’t provide the full context and that stories cannot make good predictions without the data, the team took a hybrid approach to cover all bases. 

Therefore, these 100 startups that have been hand-picked by SPEEDA Edge analysts from its active coverage of 5,000+ public and private startups, which are primarily across North America and Europe, are typically companies that are strengthening their user base, generating early revenue, and are on track to becoming the growth companies of tomorrow. 

Mifnaz Jawahar, Chief Content Officer for SPEEDA Edge, commented on the value and future plans of this report. “The EDGE100 combines our proprietary analytical framework, our extensive coverage with our expertise, to deliver a unique list of startups that we believe are well-positioned to disrupt the respective industries they are in. We will be actively tracking their performance during the next 12-24 months in order to assess actual outcomes with our predictions. The EDGE100 will be published annually, and will be updated with our ever-expanding coverage in the emerging technology space.”

The authors of the report, Saranyan Maraikkadar (Associate Director, SPEEDA Edge) and Azeez Anver (Associate Director, SPEEDA Edge) commented on their experience and vision in compiling this inaugural report.  

“Pioneering this project, we set out to contribute something refreshingly valuable. Since the usual focus is on startups that have already launched a successful product and established a client base, we wanted to go beyond it to predict the potential of early companies based on factors that precursor success. Essentially, the EDGE100 identifies high promising startups before they become successful. Evaluating was a rigorous task but SPEEDA Edge’s competitive analysis tool made the process of comparing companies efficient, allowing peer-benchmarking across multiple industry metrics. 

We also included input from analysts and industry veterans. One main insight we gained was that even with significant funding, a company will only go so far with a lackluster product or without the right talent at the helm. The EDGE100 framework reinforces the view that a successful startup requires more than just numbers.”
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