The UZABASE Group to Officially Begin Hiring New Graduates (Starting with March 2019 Graduating Class)


UZABASE is delighted to announce that we will strengthen the recruitment of new graduates, starting from those who will graduate in March 2019.

With our mission of “Business Intelligence to Change Your World”, our services include the information platform with comprehensive corporate and industry analyses tailored for business professionals “SPEEDA”, the economic and business news platform equipped with social networking functions “NewsPicks”, Japan’s largest database for information on business ventures “entrepedia”, and the B2B marketing engine “FORCAS”.

Our hiring up to this point has mainly been focused on business and organisational expansion with the aim of hiring those with previous work experience who are seeking mid-career job changes as immediate assets. Our current employee base exceeds 300 people for the entire group, including our overseas branches. This year marks our tenth anniversary since the company’s establishment, and we have reached a point where we are able to think freely beyond the norm, and are looking to strengthen our hiring of young members who are able to take on challenges with a flexible mindset. As such, we will officially begin hiring new university graduates from FY2019 onwards.

This hiring project, along with the summer/winter internship programme that precedes it, was planned and initiated by young team members within our company based on the practice of “the road less travelled brings the most growth”.


Comments from Yusuke Inagaki, Co-Chief Executive Officer

UZABASE celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Since its founding, the group has grown to include the five businesses of “SPEEDA”, “NewsPicks”, “entrepdia”, “FORCAS”, and “Mimir”, as well as five bases overseas in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and New York. I believe that this growth was achieved through the efforts of our team, both domestic and international, and its shared mission, values, and desire to change the world together.

Going forward, we will begin hiring new graduates in order to realise new innovation in both our businesses and our group as a whole, as they are part of a generation that sees the hectic changes in the IT industry as natural. We look to train new professionals who can become leaders in the company in five to ten years, with the mission of “Business Intelligence to Change Your World”, and expand our enterprises and organisation.

With the world as our stage, our group is looking forward to meeting students who are interested in working together with us to expand our company and our businesses.


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