SPEEDA Supports CFA Institute Research Challenge Taiwan


In collaboration with CFA Society Taiwan, SPEEDA is honored to be one of the data sponsors of CFA Institute Research Challenge 2018 in Taiwan.

CFA Institute Research Challenge Taiwan is organised and hosted by CFA Society Taiwan. Each participating team is required to submit a written report for equity research and to do an oral presentation to compete in the local final.

To enhance the robustness of participants’ written reports, we provided complimentary access to SPEEDA to all participants in CFA Institute Research Challenge Taiwan who remained active in the challenge, and many of them found SPEEDA “simple and easy to use, [with a] wide variety of information provided.”

In addition to enabling all participants to access the SPEEDA platform during the challenge period, we conducted two on-campus training sessions (one each in Taipei and Kaohsiung) plus an online live broadcast. During these sessions, step-by-step tips on how to prepare for the challenge as well as the best practice on how professionals in leading investment institutions typically utilise SPEEDA were shared. A total of 44 participants from nine schools joined the sessions. The sessions received positive feedback from participants.

"The session was very well-organised, and how to apply SPEEDA into our analysis was clearly displayed," said a student from National Chengchi University.

The training sessions were conducted by SPEEDA’s Anna Cheng, whose team represented CFA Society Taiwan in the CFA Institute Research Challenge – APAC Regional Competition in Chicago in 2016.

A senior member from CFA Society Taiwan mentioned that “I sincerely appreciate your generosity, your time and all the effort you devoted to this project. If business analysis and decision making is an art, data is then the ingredient that we work with. As any chef would attest, you cannot make an incredible dish without fresh, high quality ingredients. Your generosity has improved the quality of the student's work and experience. I hope we can continue to expand our relationship beyond Taiwan to the rest of the world.”

Based on feedback gathered, participants who utilised SPEEDA during their course of research found SPEEDA’s industry reports and customisable competitor analyses helpful.

“Our team particularly found the industry reports useful as strong references to our research.” remarked a student from National Taiwan University. “We really wish that SPEEDA can continuously be a point of resource for the future Research Challenge to come.”

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