SPEEDA Releases “SPEEDA Trends”, Introducing Cutting-Edge Information for Business Professionals to Stay Up to Date with Latest Market Shifts


Tokyo - September 30, 2019 - Uzabase, Inc. is excited to announce the release of “SPEEDA Trends”, original new content created by Uzabase’s own in-house analysts for its company and industry information platform SPEEDA.

With the release of SPEEDA Trends reports, users now have access to cutting-edge information on technological innovation and the latest business model shifts that was previously unavailable on the SPEEDA platform.
Currently, "SPEEDA Trends" are only available in Japanese, but the English version is also scheduled to be released by the end of the year.


Overview of SPEEDA Trends

Defining “Trends” as the changes currently driving the evolution of the business world that do not yet fall under existing industry definitions, SPEEDA Trends provide an entirely new type of content for users, complemented by the company and industry information already available on the platform.   

Technological advances, new regulatory frameworks, revolutionary business models emerging to solve social issues, and sweeping changes in existing industries—trends—are covered in analytical reports, which are also supported by related news stories and company lists. SPEEDA Trends thus provide users with quick access to a wide range of information delivered in a logically structured form. Following an initial release of 50 Trends reports, the SPEEDA Analyst Tteam intends to expand this number regularly, with plans to release a total of around 100 reports before the end of 2019.         

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Message from Yusuke Inagaki, Chief Executive Officer of SPEEDA

The speed of change in the business world continues to accelerate. Global advances in technology and legislative and regulatory reform are leading to the evolution of marketplaces and business models in a wide range of fields. Along with this trend, new players are continuously emerging, ambitiously crossing borders to enter markets worldwide. Making business-related decisions without properly assessing these forefront moves is a palpable risk that keeps growing day by day. 

There remain, however, very few ways to access this information in a structured manner and to apply it effectively in business. With the business environment constantly changing, simply reading the news does not give you the complete picture, and professional reports take a long time to get through. As such, it can be difficult to keep abreast of the competitive environment surrounding your business. 

Here at SPEEDA, we have defined the changes that are shifting the business landscape as “Trends”,  and have leveraged the expertise of our in-house analysts to develop a brand new type of original content for our users. 

While the existing data on SPEEDA provides insights into companies, customers, and competitors for each industry, Trends deliver information on business areas that are currently experiencing radical changes. I am confident that this new content will enhance the utility of SPEEDA for business professionals in the areas of business incubation, development, and planning who are tasked with visualising the next 5–10 years of their companies, as well as for those working in consulting firms who try to support these visions.   

This first release is only the beginning, and we will continue to expand and enhance the information we provide to our users on both trends and startup companies. We at SPEEDA are fully committed to providing our users with the information and tools they require to accelerate their decision making and drive business growth.  



SPEEDA is a cutting-edge business intelligence platform that provides solutions to the challenges faced by business people in terms of gathering and analysing information. SPEEDA provides business information of all kinds from across the globe, ranging from company information and industry reports to market data, news, statistics, and M&A information. The platform has been implemented by more than 1,100 corporations, financial institutions, and consulting firms, who use SPEEDA for a wide range of business purposes including the formulation of mid-term management plans, M&A strategies, overseas strategies, sales strategies, and sales plans, as well as the development of new businesses, research on competitors, and marketing.

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