“SPEEDA Trends” Released in English—Original Content on the Latest Developments Driving Corporate Evolution


Tokyo – April 20, 2020 – Uzabase, Inc. is delighted to announce that, following a meeting of its Board of Directors held today, the decision has been made to convert its equity-method affiliate Mimir, Inc. into a wholly owned subsidiary.
Our plan going forward is to ensure the smooth fusion of both companies, including the integration of Mimir's expert research services into our SPEEDA platform.

"Trends" refer to the developments and changes that are reshaping the business landscape as we know it, as well as their impact. This brand new content was first released in Japanese on the SPEEDA platform in September 2019, further enhancing our already comprehensive database of company and industry information.

This release sees reports on approximately 40 "Trends", including regenerative medicine, automated stores, MaaS, and medical robots, become available in English on SPEEDA, providing users access to cutting-edge content that shines a light on the wide range of new business opportunities emerging from technological advances, regulatory reform, and social changes, as well the restructuring taking place in existing industries. We plan to add even more English-language “Trends” to the platform going forward.


<Examples of topics covered by SPEEDA Trends>


Message from Yasunori Naito, Chief Executive Officer of SPEEDA Asia Business

"SPEEDA Trends" provide our users with a deep understanding of the latest developments in each "Trend" from a global and multifaceted perspective. We believe that they can provide new insights to users developing business in Asia, in particular, as they allow for comparisons of the activity taking place in the USA, China, Japan, and other centres of innovation.

For this first English-language release of SPEEDA Trends, we have focused on areas currently home to comparatively high investment activity on a global scale, as well as in Southeast Asia in particular. The ability to gather quality information remains a crucial aspect of the ideation process for new business development and it is my firm belief that the English-language version of SPEEDA Trends can form a basis for the discussions of new business development and planning departments.

Message from Mifnaz Jawahar, SPEEDA Chief Research Officer

“Trends” carries original content that aims to offer our clients actionable, thought-provoking business insights. Its release is therefore a key development aligned to our mission. It also marks global collaboration across our analyst teams in Tokyo, Sri Lanka, Shanghai, and Singapore to draw from expertise to create best-in-class content. A lot of thought and structure has been put into topic selection and coverage to ensure content is comprehensive, impactful, and current.



SPEEDA is a cutting-edge business intelligence platform that provides business professionals with solutions to the issues they face in relation to information gathering and analysis. It offers users a full range of business-related information from around the world including company data, industry reports, market data, news, statistics, and M&A information. SPEEDA is used by over 1,400 companies, including corporations, financial institutions, and consulting firms, in a wide range of business scenarios, including the process of formulating mid-term management plans, M&A strategy, or international business strategy, as well as new business development, competitor research, sales strategy drafting and various marketing activities.


Company Overview

Company Name: Uzabase, Inc.
Established: 1 April 2008
Representatives: CEO Yusuke Umeda/COO Yusuke Inagaki
Securities Code: TSE Mothers 3966
Headquarters: Level 13, Tri-Seven Roppongi 7-7-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Company Website: https://www.uzabase.com



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