Notice Regarding Resignation of Director


Uzabase, Inc. (the “Company”, “Uzabase”) hereby announces, as set forth below, that it has accepted the resignation offer from one of its’ directors on October 26, 2018.

1. Name of resigning director

Ryosuke Niino


2. Reasons for the resignation

Ryosuke Niino, founder and former Co-Chief Executive of Uzabase, resigned from his position as Chief Executive Officer in November 2017, to prioritize medical treatment of his chronic illness.
(Uzabase, Inc. Announces Change in Chief Executive Officer and Management Structure)

While his condition has improved with treatment, the chronic illness is one which weakens the immune system, making it difficult to maintain a stable condition during times of seasonal change and inclement weather. During such times, Niino has found it difficult to fulfill the important responsibilities of director and has requested to resign from this position, in order to focus fully on medical treatment.

Niino will continue to council the company as management advisor of Uzabase.

We would like to ask that you take a moment to read the letter from Niino addressed to all stakeholders of the Company. Thank you.

Dear Fans and Supporters of Uzabase and NewsPicks


3. Date of resignation

October 31, 2018


4. Others

The remaining number of directors will continue to satisfy applicable laws and the Articles of Incorporation following the resignation outlined above.

  • Dear Fans and Supporters of Uzabase and NewsPicks
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