Uzabase, Inc. announces change in Chief Executive Officer


Uzabase, Inc. hereby announces its decision on the change in management structure for Uzabase, Inc. and its subsidiary, NewsPicks, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Yusuke Umeda) as outlined below, effective 1 April 2017.

This change will be formalised at the meeting of the Board of Directors that is scheduled to be held after the annual meeting of shareholders on 30 March 2017.


1. Structural Change


Name Current Title New Title
Yusuke Inagaki Chief Operating Officer Co-Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer of NewsPicks, Inc.
Yusuke Umeda Co-Chief Executive Officer Chief Creative Officer of the Group
Chief Executive Officer of NewsPicks, Inc. Director of NewsPicks, Inc.


2. Reasons for Organisational and Personnel Changes


Since the establishment of Uzabase, Inc., the three co-founders and directors (Niino, Umeda, and Inagaki) have been making efforts to expand the business by making full use of their respective strengths and adopting an optimal, flexible management structure.


In order to strengthen the structure and solidify the current businesses, Uzabase, Inc. has decided to appoint Inagaki, who is strong in organisational management, as the Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uzabase, Inc. and CEO of NewsPicks, Inc., and appoint Umeda, who is strong in new business planning, as well as product and service expansion and enhancement through creativity, as the Director and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of the Group. Umeda will be responsible for NewsPicks’ upcoming entry into the US market.

The current title of Niino, the Co-CEO of Uzabase, Inc., remains unchanged.


3. Brief Resume of the New Co-CEO


Name: Yusuke Inagaki
Date of Birth: 12 May 1981
Brief Resume:
    March 2004 Graduated from Saitama University, (Major in Electric and Electronic Systems, School of Engineering)
    April 2004 Joined ABeam Consulting Ltd.
    April 2008 Founded Uzabase, Inc., assumed the position of COO (Current)

Number of Shares Held: 620,700 shares


4. Effective Date


Assumption as Co-CEO of the Company: 1 April 2017
Assumption as CEO of NewsPicks, Inc.: 1 April 2017


– END –

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