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Our purpose

Awaken a world of play in business,
with our insights.

Awakening a world of play in business means…
A harmony of purposes: societal, business, and individual

  1. 01
    Harmony of Sustainable Society and Business Purpose
    We believe that the pursuit of economic rationality and a sustainable society are not mutually exclusive. If the move towards sustainability gains significant traction among consumers, the market will actually start favoring companies that aim to create a sustainable society. Without a clear sustainability paradigm for social good, companies will not be able to attract talent. As a result, it will become more and more economically rational for companies to aim towards creating a sustainable society.
  2. 02
    Harmony of Business Purpose and Individual Purpose
    Finding enjoyment in work is often said to be an important part of finding enjoyment in life. There is a whole world of play that can be found in business, and awakening it can only bring more joy into your life. If you like the overall direction (=purpose) of the company you work at, if you find it relatable to your own purpose in life, work may just become one of your many purposes in life, rather than a means to an end.
  3. 03
    Harmony of Individual Purpose and Sustainable Society
    Enjoying business and enjoying life is only possible when we have hope for the future—our own and our children’s. Contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society can bring such hope. Rather than working at the expense of our personal lives, we can create unique working styles to fit our unique lives, working styles that are sustainable and offer room for play. These can then be shared with the rest of the world!

Business insights and the world we want to create

A world of play in business

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                        (Purpose in Life) 03 Company Purpose

Uzabase’s insights

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Our pursuits on the path towards fulfilling our Purpose

  1. 01
    Data that supports decisions
    People and companies need the right data at the right time. And they need it anytime, because the world changes, fast. We not only keep up, we stay ahead. Our infrastructure quickly identifies, creates, organizes, and analyzes data so we can support a world where businesses pivot and deliver, alongside and even ahead of people’s needs.
  2. 02
    Content that creates change
    We believe in the power of content. It can teach, and it can inspire. A society never stands still, because its people are always looking to grow, always looking to be inspired. Content can bring that inspiration. It can provide the courage and motivation people and businesses need to change and to grow. And when they do, society reaches sustainable development. Let’s create that content and those businesses, together.
  3. 03
    Knowledge that’s
    Curated expertise, unique experience, and a passion for depth. We believe in the power of human knowledge that comes from these sources. And we believe in sharing that knowledge. When diverse people share their wisdom and ideas, it creates economic value that’s accessible to everyone and that helps promote the sustainable development of our society.
  4. 04
    Technology that
    changes the world
    We believe that technology, together with people’s ingenuity, will change the world. That’s why we will keep automating our processes and combining our expertise with the best technology solutions to deliver value to the world.
  5. 05
    Business that
    awakens play
    Everything in harmony: individual, business, and society. We believe in creating a world where everyone can enjoy business and life, and we strive to deliver products that will make that a reality. With content that conveys ideas and practices and data that delivers fresh insights, we will create that sustainable world.