NewsPicks to Release 3 Brand Advertising Video Services Simultaneously


The Brand Design Team at NewsPicks, Inc., a group company of Uzabase, Inc. (TSE Mothers: 3966), will launch three service plans for “Brand Movie”, a brand advertising video service for smartphones.

This team, which was established in April 2015 as Japan’s first specialised team for brand advertising designed for smartphones, has been producing and delivering contents that fit the brand images of companies, products, and services.

NewsPicks has been focusing on mobile video content amidst the recent acceleration in the shift towards mobile devices, as well as a continuous rise in the number of viewers for online videos. In July 2017, it began collaborating with Fuji Television Network’s web-based channel, “Houdou Kyoku”, and launched a new economic news programme called “Live Picks”. NewsPicks is now enhancing its video service menu in the advertising business, and will simultaneously release three new service plans for brand advertising videos on smartphones: “Brand Movie”, “Brand Movie@Conference”, and “Brand Movie@Live Picks”.

NewsPicks looks to provide a new form of video advertising through a highly interactive and uncompromising interface by crossbreeding its business community (one of its special characteristics) and technological capabilities. The company also endeavours to offer a variety of solutions that match the continuously changing behaviours of consumers. Furthermore, the NewsPicks Brand Design Team will continue to create advertising content with value for both corporate clients and users.


Brand Movie Overview


1. Brand Movie

“Brand Movie” is a new video advertising service created by a specialised team for creative design at NewsPicks that integrates infographics and running articles with video content, and truly represents the company’s character. With the aim of maximising the brand value of companies, products, and services, “Brand Movie” will offer a thorough line of services ranging from concept design to planning and production. Video advertisements created through this service will be distributed through “Brand Story” and “Brand Tag”, and will support the cultivation of corporate branding.

Service Example: Five-Day Video Event, “PERSOL COUNT DOWN MOVIE – Connecting Our Visions” (available in Japanese only)


2. Brand Movie@Conference

This brand video advertising service will deliver live video for events and conferences operated by sponsor and affiliate companies. With “Brand Movie@Conference”, users will be able to post comments and reactions while tuning into an event or conference remotely, thus giving them the feeling of participation without having to physically be at the venue.

This service will officially begin by covering the “The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017” on Friday, 27 October, and will include live video of “THE MEET UP”, a NewsPicks production that will be held on a special stage that day.


3. Brand Movie@Live Picks

“Live Picks” is a current service that runs from Monday to Thursday, and provides a virtual space for businesspersons who look to get further engaged in the latest information through listening to interpretations by specialists and notable figures from numerous industries regarding popular news topics in the business world, as well as the latest news on the world’s cutting-edge technology. “Brand Movie@Live Picks” will establish a new section for video advertisements within the “Live Picks” service, where it will distribute video advertisements with high-level storylines with expectations for highly effective branding. Distributing brand videos through “Live Picks”, which is a cooperative production with Fuji Television Network, will enable clients to approach an even broader range of businesspersons and realise efficient and effective promotional activities.

To apply for the “Brand Movie” service or submit an inquiry, please feel free to contact our Brand Design Team at the below e-mail address.

E-mail: (To: NewsPicks Brand Design Team)


About NewsPicks

NewsPicks is an economic news platform equipped with social networking functions. In addition to articles from 90 foreign and domestic media outlets, the service also delivers original articles by the NewsPicks editorial staff.NewsPicks users can check comments by prominent figures and experts from a variety of industries, thereby gaining an understanding of news from various perspectives.

With the NewsPicks Premium Service (JPY 1,500/month; JPY 1,400/month for the iOS version), users can access NewsPicks original content and read carefully selected articles from the world’s top media sources, such as The Wall Street Journal. In addition, NewsPicks also offers the NewsPicks Academia subscription (JPY 5,000/month), which enables users to participate in special lectures by well-known industry professionals and delivers NewsPicks Books each month.


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Company Name: NewsPicks, Inc.
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