Uzabase has always been the creation of a workplace focused on the happiness of our employees and we have built our company based on the pursuit of this goal.

We aim to achieve superior performance by offering our employees the freedom to work on their own terms.

Super Flex

There is no obligation to come to the office, nor are there core working hours.
In order to enhance productivity and maximise output, you can design your working style that best suits you.
By choosing your own working style, you have the ability to work with maximum freedom.

The work involved in producing and publishing news media articles on a daily basis can often result in irregular working patterns, but thanks to Super Flex I have the ability to maintain that all-important balance between work and rest. Super Flex allows me to lead a stress-free healthy working life every day.

Yuka SunadaNewsPicks Creative Team

With Super Flex, I make it a point to go to the gym at 7:30am, right before I head off to work at 11am. Whenever I don't make to the gym in the morning, I leave work at 7pm to go train at the gym, then I go home to finish the rest of my work. Thanks to Super Flex's flexibility, I can still fit my workout routine around my hectic schedule so I don't miss any gym day. And today I weigh 17kgs lighter and I feel much stronger.

Jason YapFORCAS Engineer

Remote Work

You can choose where to work and how to work. Uzabase has employees working remotely across Japan as well as overseas in locations including Dubai and Malaysia. Released from constraints on time and place, flexible working styles foster greater creativity.

I am currently based in Osaka and visit the Tokyo office two or three times a month. There have been no issues regarding information sharing as I can participate in all meeting online. Working from home has allowed me to spend more time with my child. I would also like to try out a ’workation’ someday!

Shuichiro HirayamaNewsPicks Content Curation Team

I am proud to be a part of a company that trusts and values its employees enough to give me this remote working opportunity. I feel well connected to everyone in different offices via Slack and regular town hall meetings. Being part of the Analyst Team has empowered me to be a stay-at-home mom and pursue my career.

Amani IqbalSPEEDA Asia Analysis Team

Long Vacation (LV)

A “long vacation” is a period of seven consecutive days off that is separate from regular annual leave. You can take two long vacations per year.
Work hard, rest hard.
Rest refreshes the mind and heightens perceptive abilities, which gives birth to enhanced synergy within the workplace.

My life’s work has been the management of an educational NPO, and by taking advantage of the long vacations offered to me by UZABASE I am able to head training programmes for students of Asian languages in educational institutions in Myanmar. There are many ways to ‘change the world’. The work freedom I enjoy in UZABASE has allowed me to realise my goal of contributing to change, both through business intelligence and education, which is a source of great satisfaction to me personally.

Shoyo NishikawaSPEEDA Japan Marketing & Sales Team

Thanks to the long vacation, I get to enjoy a refreshing period away from work twice a year. In my case, a long vacation is not only about taking time off, but also a time to re-examine and rethink everything, as well as an opportunity to go back to my hometown and spend time with family and friends.

Angele TsaiSPEEDA Asia Consulting Service Team

Year Book & 31 Promises

The Year Book looks back on the past year in Uzabase, featuring memories and episodes related to our “7 Values”, a set of values that are important to all of us.
In addition, our “31 Promises” features 31 guidelines for action that are linked to our 7 values, with accompanying illustrations. Guidelines in the “31 Promises” include “DO: Think with your own head”, and “DON’T: Become trapped by convention”.

31 Promises (Slide version)

The first two things I read upon joining Uzabase were the ‘31 Promises’ and the previous year’s year book. They were both packed with information on the company’s rich culture as well the experiences of all employees, and I remember how excited I felt when I joined the company. I still return to these documents for guidance if I have an issue at work, as they help me decide the correct course of action to take.

Mami KanazashiUZABASE Culture Team

Uzabase has a set of simple yet very effective values to go about your day from which I have taken many a lesson - in my case, especially in terms of prioritisation and work-social life balance. The company also encourages us to foster a culture of taking initiatives, to further enhance our potential in avenues we are not familiar with. This culture pushed me to take on new challenges in areas I thought I did not have the skill set to perform.

Jamal HussainSPEEDA Asia Analysis Team

Working Environment and Other Company Benefits

・You can work outside of Uzabase to broaden your horizons

We allow our members to have other businesses outside the company without needing to submit any applications, as long as communication with team is clear.

・Special time off and congratulatory money for weddings

We provide our employees with a special period of time off as well as a congratulatory financial contribution on the occasion of an employee’s weddings (including verified same-sex weddings depending on the verification of the same same-sex partnership).

・Qualification subsidy

We provide a financial subsidy for employees seeking to acquire a qualification that is related to their respective business activities.

・Cafe subsidy

Financial subsidies are available for employees to engage in work in a cafe during intervals between external business visits so they do not have to return to the office.

・Academic scholarship

We are happy to provide those we deem future leaders that have the potential to drive the long-term growth of the company with a scholarship to participate in overseas graduate programmes, through which necessary skills can be acquired.

・Bringing children to the office is OK

Any members can bring their children to the office, so no more panicked searches for babysitters upon a sudden change of work schedule.

Interested in joining our team?
Unable to find the position you are looking for? Please let us know if there is a new position that you would like to propose!

Interested in joining our team?
Unable to find the position you are looking for? Please let us know if there is a new position that you would like to propose!

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