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In order to realise our mission of "Business Intelligence to Change Your World", we continue to seek out diverse professionals to join our team. Because we hire talent from a broad range of backgrounds, we have implemented systems such as "Super Flex" (no core time!), Remote Work, the ability to work across multiple fields, and "Long Vacation" (up to 10 days per year), all in an effort to bring out the highest potential from the individuality of our employees.

Our Teams


    The Tokyo office is the headquarter of the UZABASE Group. It is the heart of activities related to each service, including product development, sales, customer support/consulting, and administration. The Osaka office was established as a sales branch to cater to the needs of customers in West Japan.


    The Sri Lanka office plays a critical role in composing and improving industry reports provided on SPEEDA. Tasked with data research for different markets, this branch services SPEEDA clients in more than 15 countries and regions.


    The Hong Kong office undertakes sales activities in Hong Kong, as well as in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Mainland China. At the same time, it offers consulting services, working closely with the Shanghai office to provide industry and company-related Customised Research Services (CRS) in the Greater China region.


    The Singapore office mainly engages in sales activities in the Southeast Asia and Oceania region. Beyond that, it offers consulting services in the local languages of Southeast Asia, supporting more than 10 different countries worldwide where the SPEEDA service is provided. It is also currently the largest overseas office of UZABASE.


    The Shanghai office is UZABASE’s first overseas office. As one of the SPEEDA research offices, it spearheads the research involving industry and company information in the Greater China region (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan). It is also an important sales base targeting the markets of Shanghai and Beijing.


    Located in New York, the beating heart of the global media industry, this office is home to Quartz and plays an essential role as we continue on our quest to become the world's most influential business media. Our New York base is where we create the high quality content that cuts through the noise to inform and inspire the people changing our world.  

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Our People

We believe our people is our strength. In order to realise our mission of "Business Intelligence to Change Your World",
we continue to seek our diverse professionals to join our team.

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