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Takuya Oshika

Takuya majored in Global Governance at the International Political Economics Department of Aoyama Gakuin University. He studied abroad at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations for a year as part of an exchange program. Takuya Joined UZABASE as a first-wave new graduate. At first, Takuya worked in the SPEEDA Consulting Service (CS) team at the Tokyo office, but afterwards was transferred to Uzabase Hong Kong Ltd; he is currently the manager of the CS team in the SPEEDA Asia business.

My Dream

First-Wave Graduate→Moved to Hong Kong; I Want to Build a Strong Team able to challenge the global market.


My Dream

First-Wave Graduate→Moved to Hong Kong; I Want to Build a Strong Team able to challenge the global market.

When I joined the company as a new graduate, UZABASE only had around 50 employees.

Originally, I majored in international politics, and studied energy-related diplomatic relations in Russia, so when looking for a job, I was interested in resource development.

While the energy business is large in scale and has clear dynamics, I got the impression that it has a long span and relative stability. On the other hand, in the IT industry, there was a contrasting sense of swift movement, where a single innovation could change the very foundations of the whole industry.

I looked again at myself, and realised that the source of my interest and power was encountering an unexplored world and growing while greedily absorbing various knowledge around me. I still think that "stability" doesn’t really suit me.

Just when I was having these thoughts, I encountered UZABASE. Back then, it was a really small office with about 20 employees, but after hearing each member talk, I felt that they really were trying to bring a change to this world.

That passion spread to me as well, and before I realised it, all I was thinking about was UZABASE. “Well, I have to join this company now”, I decided.

I joined the company the following year, in 2013, after graduating from my university.
After joining the company, I became part of the CS team in Tokyo.
Since I was the only recent graduate, I had to catch up with everyone first, so I greedily delved into my work and expanded the list of things I could do. As a result, I was appointed the team’s leader one year later; then, after a while, I was asked to help launch the new CS team in the Hong Kong office. In the winter of my second year at the company, I transferred to Uzabase Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, it all started from scratch, and I was the only person capable of performing CS functions. When there are no people to cover for you, there is no choice but to do all of it yourself.

However, it allowed me to act with more flexibility at my own discretion. As a result, I concentrated solely on making the customers in front of us happy, and responded more flexibly to customers’ requests than ever before.

In the process, a new service called Customised Research Services (CRS) was born. Up to that point, our service had been limited to acquiring data within SPEEDA according to customers' requests, but CRS expanded its scope to include information disclosed outside SPEEDA, and we started producing analytical reports on the market, industry, and companies. It has been two years since we launched this service, but now we work with analysts from each country to generate reports with higher added value by acquiring information in local languages ​​and utilising knowledge accumulated so far. Currently, we are developing the overseas business based on the two wheels of SPEEDA's database and CRS.

However, there were several difficult moments when I thought I was going to break. During these, three things supported me: the existence of people and teams with whom I worked together, my passion for the overseas business challenge, and the existence of my wife.

Based on these experiences, in terms of work, I aim to continue building a strong and flexible team in the future and step up to the challenge of tapping the next new market. I will strive to look only forward so that someday I could battle for the market outside of Asia with a strong team of professionals by my side.

In terms of private life, I live with my wife whom I married at the same time as my assignment to the Hong Kong office was decided. Life as an expat oversees might seem glamorous at a first glance, but in reality, the launch period was rough, with complete devotion to work. I really appreciate my wife who supported me both in terms of daily life and mental health in an unfamiliar environment, and I am glad that we were able to work hard and grow together. I strongly feel that everything will be fine as long as we have each other, and I hope we can continue enjoying our life together.

※ This interview content is based on the information at the time when the interview was taken place. The member's current team and occupation may be different.

Message from Takuya Oshika

For me, UZABASE is that rare place, which is full of challenges with valuable colleagues. I am really looking forward to meeting people who would be willing to step up to a challenge together with their fellow team members.

Interested in joining our team?
Unable to find the position you are looking for? Please let us know if there is a new position that you would like to propose!

Interested in joining our team?
Unable to find the position you are looking for? Please let us know if there is a new position that you would like to propose!

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