• UZABASE Selected in METI’s “J-Startup” Programme

    Uzabase, Inc. was selected as one of the target companies in the “J-Startup” programme by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). This programme functions to support the development of start-up companies.


  • First-Quarter 2018 Financial Results

    Uzabase, Inc. announces financial results for its first quarter in 2018.


  • UZABASE Enters Capital Alliance with Industrial Information Database Baseconnect Inc.

    UZABASE is pleased to announce that we have entered into a capital alliance with Baseconnect Inc., a Japanese startup originating from Kyoto.


  • The UZABASE Group to Officially Begin Hiring New Graduates (Starting with March 2019 Graduating Class)

    UZABASE is delighted to announce that we will strengthen the recruitment of new graduates, starting from those who will graduate in March 2019.


  • UZABASE Awarded as the Company with the “Most Comfortable Work Environment”

    UZABASE was recently awarded first prize in a company ranking on “most comfortable work environment” announced by Vorkers, Inc., one of the largest company review websites in Japan.


  • Financial Results FY2017

    Uzabase, Inc. announces its consolidated financial results for FY2017.


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