The NextGen Platform for Company and Industry Analysis.

SPEEDA is the only research platform focusing on Asia that seamlessly integrates company data/M&A data with industry research.

    SPEEDA Overview

    Covering over 180 countries globally with a strong focus on Asia, SPEEDA provides business professionals with a one-stop access to:
     - Listed and private company financials
     - Shareholders' information
     - Over 1 million M&A deals
     - Stock prices and earnings forecasts
     - Industry research reports
     - Industry statistics from over 100,000 sources
     - News
     - Customised research by in-house analysts
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    Strong Focus on Asia
    SPEEDA is a truly Asia-focused platform. In addition to global data, we have the most extensive coverage on:
     - ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam
     - Greater China
     - Japan and South Korea
    Private Company Data? We've Got You Covered
    Extensive private company data coverage that includes:
     - Key financials
     - Profile (e.g. shareholders, key management personnel, headcount)
     - Credit reports and business information reports*
    Exceptional Industry Analysis
    SPEEDA provides unlimited access to in-house industry research reports organised by
    country/region on more than 550 industries as granular as mobile contents production and
    inorganic chemicals
    One of the World's Largest M&A Databases
    With information from 85,000 highly reputable sources including media outlets, stock exchanges,
    company disclosures and advisor submissions, SPEEDA covers M&A data from around 200 countries post-2000
    Customer Happiness Champions
    SPEEDA's Consulting Desk is not your average IT Support. Our consultants are here to consistently
    exceed users' expectations.
    Allow us to do the heavy lifting by performing time-consuming tasks such as data crunching,
    industry statistics collection, target screening
    Outstanding Usability
    SPEEDA's usability is unparalleled. Leveraging the latest technology, SPEEDA is incredibly easy to navigate even for first time users
    SPEEDA overview 1 Competitive and market trends for over 530 industries analysed by region
    Conversion to Word document for further processing
    SPEEDA overview 2 Freely edit graph colours, shapes, and numerical values
    SPEEDA overview 3 All numerical data are available for download in Excel format
    Company Data Covering Over 180 Countries Worldwide
    Financial data of listed and unlisted companies
    Earnings forecasts
    Company news
    Stock price data
    Board of Directors
    Company disclosures
    M&A and other information *option
    Industry Analysis
    Industry Overview: Value chain, key regulations etc.
    Market Trends: Market size, market share
    Competitive Landscape: Industry leaders, products and services
    Peer Listings and Comps
    Industry Statistics: Public and proprietary sources
    M&A Data
    M&A Information
    Merger, Acquisition, Joint Venture, MBO, Demerger, IPO and other deal types
    Deal values and multiples
    Deal profiles (deal parties, timeline, rationale, acquisiton stake % etc.)
    Target/Acquirer financials
    M&A Rumors
    Customized Research
    Through our in-house analysts, we perform customized research such as:
    Target screening
    Company profiling
    Peer comparison
    Industry statistics collection
    SPEEDA Excel Plug-in

    Create your own template by inputting SPEEDA’s original functions into Excel. There is no need to input the data in by hand, it can be updated automatically with one click.
    *This is an optional service of SPEEDA.

    SPEEDA Excel Plug-in

    Values are automatically downloaded by inputting functions in the cells on Excel

    Functions of operating margin:
    SPNF (identification code,
    securities number, fiscal year, link)

    Most Data on SPEEDA Downloadable

    Financials and stock data, stockholders,business and regional segments, and statistical data are all downloadable

    SPEEDA Pitch Express

    SPEEDA Pitch Express is software for professional users that provides support for data creation for presentations. It provides strong support for preparing proposals at financial institutions and businesses as well as documents for external companies.
    *This is an optional service of SPEEDA.

    SPEEDA Pitch Express
    What is SPEEDA’s operating environment?
    SPEEDA is a SaaS type database that does not require software installation or a dedicated terminal. It can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection and a browser. Please refer to the link below for details of the operating environment.
    Who uses SPEEDA?
    SPEEDA is used by a diverse range of customers, including a large number of banks, private equity funds, financial advisory firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, universities, corporate development divisions and sales/marketing divisions of various business corporations. Just under 600 companies are already using SPEEDA.
    What is SPEEDA’s pricing structure?
    SPEEDA’s basic service charges a fixed monthly fee per ID. This includes unlimited access to and download of data, as well as the use of our support.