• Mifnaz Jawahar Mifnaz Jawahar 2015年入社

I am a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK). I am also a CFA Charterholder and Certified Financial Risk Manager.
Despite having an accounting background, I hardly worked in financial accounting or auditing. My almost 15-year career has been centred around investment research, financial planning, and risk management.


Setting up the research unit in Sri Lanka sounded like an exciting challenge. It made me step out of my comfort zone, as I had to focus on many areas in which I had no exposure to, such as legal, human resources, administration, etc. The prospect of hiring your own team, training and developing them, creating your own work culture, and being part of a start-up was a great opportunity and one that doesn't come your way all the time.


I manage the Analyst Teams based in Sri Lanka and Singapore. We cover around 200-300 industries in most countries in the ASEAN region. We are also expanding coverage to India, and hope to expand coverage to the US and Australia in the future. The team also handles advanced customer requests and offers customised research to select clients interested in conducting niche research that falls outside the scope of the SPEEDA platform.


I’m just in my second year, and so far it has been meeting the constant challenges of setting up the new office and working very closely with all of the overseas offices – Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Shanghai. I also enjoyed meeting the entire UZABASE team at the year-end party and being part of the Think Beyond Meeting.


- Goals for the future
Expanding coverage across Asia and improving the quality of research provided in SPEEDA are some key short-term goals. I also want to help monetise research by developing a new revenue stream through the Knowledge Process Outsourcing business, as I see a lot of potential for growth in this area.


I like the fact that that EVERYONE is encouraged to speak up and that the Company promotes transparency in everything that they do. I like the culture of the founders trying their best to live up to the 7 Values and also the personal interest taken in their teams. I also admire the commitment displayed by everyone I have met and worked with in all the overseas locations.


I take the phrase “every year, go somewhere you have never been to” VERY seriously — I LOVE to travel. I also read a lot and love watching Marvel movies.
I am also a major football fan, and have promised myself that I will go watch Chelsea and Barcelona play in their home ground one day (hopefully soon J).